Hello Hubster

This is my third trip to Ethiopia in 13 months.  I traveled with a friend the first time and then last summer I brought two of my sons.  I cannot tell you how proud they made me on that trip and how touched I was when they said they wanted to return.  No Disney or Caribbean Island for them.  Nope they want to go back to Korah.  I get it, obviously.  Korah is…compelling.

 This trip I’ve added my favorite family member to the brigade, my husband! I am so stinkin excited to finally be able to share this with him.  Usually he is the one staying home and manning the fort so I can do what I do.  He’s amazing and selfless and beyond supportive in this way.  And while it is very difficult for both of us to travel, I really felt the need for him to experience Korah directly.  After countless words and tears trying to make him (and anyone else who hasn’t been) understand,  I am still incapable of communicating the powerful hold Korah has on those who witness this place.

Because, it’s not enough for him to know ABOUT Korah…I needed him, the person who matters more than any other to me, to KNOW Korah.

 I’m not sure how many other couples regard Korah Ethiopia as a romantic destination but for us, it sort of is.


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